On-Call Firefighter

Favourite part of my job

I absolutely love being a firefighter, my favourite part of the role is the team environment.

My crew are incredibly supportive and throughout my initial training they came in to station over the weekend, during days off and put in additional time and effort to assist me in my training.

They have consistently offered their knowledge and experience to guide me through the start of my career.

Hobbies and interests

I enjoy running, It’s something I’ve been quite passionate about for a while, especially now I have the dogs I try and get out for a run at least once a day – it’s good for them and for me.

I also tend to do what any 25 year old does, try and socialise with my friends as much as I can.

Interesting Fact

I’ve completed my NVQ level 3 and have also obtained a IFE Level 3 in Firefighting operations, I also have my LGV driving lessons coming up – who can join the Fire Service and not want to drive the Fire engine?!


"Becoming a firefighter is something I’ve always wanted to do, ever since I was a chunky little girl. I remember the fire service coming to my primary school and I said that I wanted to be a ‘Fireman’. I had predominately male friends at that age and they all said that I couldn’t be a fireman because I was a girl. Well, I’ve proved them all wrong and I absolutely love it.

I have 100% job satisfaction, I’m doing a job I love, with people I enjoy the company of, and in a community which is respectful and thankful of the work we do. "

Your Next Step

Being a firefighter involves making a commitment. The training and dedication
to the role is demanding, but the role provides real rewards.

Join our professional team and make a difference in your community today.

We’ll help you uncover strengths you didn’t even know you had and you’ll soon start noticing the benefits.

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