Watch Commander | Ian Harrop

Watch Commander Ian joined West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service in January 2001 as a wholetime firefighter.

Having grown up in Mirfield, Ian decided to join the on-call crew to help out in his local community and has now been working there for 12 years. As Mirfield’s Watch Commander, Ian is responsible for the 18 crew members and looks after the day-to-day running of the station, as well as attending operational incidents.

About the station

Mirfield Fire Station was constructed in 1965 and sits on the outskirts of the village centre.

The station area covers north east of Huddersfield and has a population of approximately 23,943 people and over 10,000 dwellings. It includes Mirfield and the smaller villages of Kirkheaton, Hopton and Grange Moor.

There are two fire appliances at Mirfield Fire Station. The first one attends all sorts of incidents with a crew of six and the second one takes pods of equipment to incidents to help move water and also to clear up afterwards.

The station is a huge part of the local community and the crews attend many community events throughout the year. The station also run a number of charity events, staffed by volunteers from the station and friends of the station.

There is a ‘Pie and Pea’ night which coincides with the local bonfire and also a Santa’s grotto at Christmas! The money raised from these events is used to help local community groups and charities.

The on-call firefighters at Mirfield come from all walks of life. Some are whole-time firefighters and do this on their days off, one works for the fire service at Manchester airport. There are window cleaners, HGV drivers, office workers, retirees and a stay at home mum – all are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job!

Fun Fact

Mirfield was mentioned in the Domesday book. It is rumoured to have the second biggest Remembrance parade outside of London.



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Contact details

01924 493399

Huddersfield Road
WF14 8AE