What’s involved?

The traditional view of firefighters turning out from a fire engine is only a small part of what we do.

As the demands on our fire service have changed in recent years, the expectations of our firefighters
have evolved too. So what’s involved?


You'll need to complete a period of intensive training in all elements of firefighting responsibilities.

Learning and development

As a firefighter, you'll be required to constantly learn new things and keep your knowledge of practices and procedures, as well as your skills and capabilities, up to date.

Community safety and prevention

The best way to save lives is to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. You'll spend time working in the community to keep people safe and well at home.

Emergency response

You always need to be prepared for when an emergency arises. This means being physically and mentally ready, as well as ensuring all equipment is ready.

Flexible working

You choose the hours you work, as long as it meets the minimum requirement.

Serious incident handling

Firefighters deal with serious, unpleasant and sometimes fatal incidents. Firefighters are often required to deal with distressed members of the public who have witnessed or been involved in such incidents.

Taking the initiative

In emergency situations firefighters may need to help the officer in charge make decisions. At times you would be expected to take the initiative and act quickly.


Firefighters work in close-knit teams from different backgrounds. The team must function effectively as a unit when responding to emergencies and in day-to-day activities.

Community role model

Firefighters are role models in the community, and should uphold the values and integrity of the Fire and Rescue Service at all times - this includes when you are off duty, and when on social media.

Following instructions

Direct instructions from supervisors and leaders are common for firefighters, and it is expected that you will do as instructed.

Physical fitness

You need to be physically fit to be a firefighter. Your fitness will be assessed in the recruitment process and you must maintain a very high level of fitness throughout your career.