Fire Protection

Protecting the community from the risk of fire is one of our key responsibilities.

As part of our operational team, you’ll visit commercial premises to help keep West Yorkshire a safer place to live and work in.

Your role will be to:

  • Offer fire safety advice so businesses operate safely and legally
  • Check that people can leave a building safely if a fire occurred
  • Learn about the layout and construction of buildings
  • Become aware how different industries operate and control their hazards
  • Learn about installations in buildings to help firefighters deal with incidents
  • Gather information to help with incident pre-planning


A Crew Commander visited a wholesale warehouse and noticed excessive storage of fireworks around bonfire night. It turned out the warehouse was storing up to five times more stock than the regulations allowed.

The fireworks were promptly relocated and the danger to the public was removed. This was a good call as, should a fire have occurred, there would have been an extreme risk to firefighters. This led to the company being prosecuted under the Fire Safety Order (first time) article 16 as the company failed to inform the relevant authorities.