On-Call Firefighter

Favourite part of my job

I have two favourite parts to being a firefighter. 1: Helping people when they need it, the personal fulfilment is amazing. 2. Being with the crew in a close team fits in with how I’ve grown up around rugby.

Hobbies and interests

Outside of work I enjoy motorbikes, F1, rugby and generally keeping fit by going to the gym.

I’m also a big movie fan and love visiting the cinema.

Interesting Fact

I’m a qualified scuba diving Divemaster


"As an on-call firefighter you have to be more forward planning with your life, when you get in to that routine it’s really easy to do.

You book your hours in for the coming week around work and any plans you might have, you just need to make sure you hit your contracted hours."

Primary Employment

Technician operative at Coca-Cola European Partners.