On-Call Firefighter

Favourite part of my job

It's definitely one of the best jobs you can have. You get to be a firefighter but don't have to work the shifts that wholetime firefighters do. Also, you get to engage more with the community you work/ live in. People get to know what you do and are very grateful that you look after them!

Hobbies and interests

I have always been interested in motor-sports but my favourite hobby has to be skiing. I like to go every year with the lads. My favourite place to ski is Val d’Isere in the French Alps.

I also enjoy going to the gym on a regular basis and getting out on my road bike.

I have taken part in many charity bike rides but would like to do more.

Interesting Fact

I have a diploma in engineering.


"I am trained through the service in casualty care, first aid, fire prevention etc. All of which benefit the company I work for in some way.

I am on-call 7am till 5pm 5 days a week. This means I still get my home life on an evening and weekends which means I still get to go out and socialise and carry on with my hobbies etc."

Primary Employment

Retail designer for a kitchen, bedroom manufacturer in Slaithwaite called Daval Furniture LTD.

Your Next Step

Being a firefighter involves making a commitment. The training and dedication
to the role is demanding, but the role provides real rewards.

Join our professional team and make a difference in your community today.

We’ll help you uncover strengths you didn’t even know you had and you’ll soon start noticing the benefits.

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