On-Call Firefighter

Favourite part of my job

I really enjoy drill night. It’s an opportunity to maintain your skills but catch up with the watch and have a good laugh along the way. The aspect of helping the community and making a difference goes without saying I suppose.

Hobbies and interests

I’m a keen cyclist and also enjoy fishing when I get the time.

Interesting Fact

I’ve never rescued a cat from a tree!


"To be an on-call firefighter you need to be really organised and forward plan. There is flexibility within the system to allow you to book off to pursue hobbies, spend time with the family; you just need to plan ahead so the station can manage availability. It is a good excuse sometimes to get out of doing the weekly shopping trip!

Visit your local station and talk to the crews to get a really good understanding about what’s involved; what the benefits are, but also what the role will expect from you."

Primary Employment

Occupational Health and Safety Manager for WYFRS

Your Next Step

Being a firefighter involves making a commitment. The training and dedication
to the role is demanding, but the role provides real rewards.

Join our professional team and make a difference in your community today.

We’ll help you uncover strengths you didn’t even know you had and you’ll soon start noticing the benefits.

See the application process stages for on-call firefighters here.



If you have any questions, there are a few ways you can contact us