On-Call Firefighter

Favourite part of my job

I love turning out to jobs and the excitement that comes with it, but my favourite part of being a firefighter is the camaraderie and the team work.

Drill nights are fantastic because not only do I get to train and build my skills, I get to do it with a fantastic group of people.

Hobbies and interests

I'm a proper football fan and try get to most Huddersfield Town FC home games.

Interesting Fact

I've competed in the national UKRO Extrication Challenge with a team from WYFRS.


"I've always wanted to work in the fire service, ever since I was a young lad. It's not just a part-time job it's part of your life.

When I'm not at work for Yorkshire Water I'm usually on-call. It's a great feeling to be one of the people who is keeping the community in Meltham safe."

Primary Employment

Works for Yorkshire Water.